Booking and Management
Worldwide concert booking and career management for a select group of musical artists. Also includes arranging master classes, clinics, workshops, and other educational activities.

The Business of the Business Workshop
This workshop is geared toward advanced high school or college-level students who have recently entered or will soon enter the professional world. Using the often misunderstood aspects of professional management as a starting point, this workshop explores topics such as the art of contract negotiation, promotion, and how to create a professional biography, as well as the many questions and issues surrounding artist management. 

Career Guidance
Individual sessions tailored toward young artists at the beginning of their career; artists who are in transition from one point in their career to another; or for any musician who is generally seeking advice or guidance. Sessions are an hour in length.

PR Material Consultation
Creating and editing bios; choosing promotional photos and/or a photographer; critiquing websites, social media pages, and other digital media. When editing bios we provide a special focus on eliminating common mistakes that can cast the artist in an unprofessional light.

Website Design
Personalized, modern, attractive, and functional website design done in conjunction with a graphic designer, either starting from scratch or using data from an existing website.

Personal Assistant Services
Personal assistant services can be arranged on an ongoing basis or for specific, fixed-term projects. Services include coordinating schedules, travel, repertoire, etc.; maintaining websites and social media; booking travel; promoting performances; and tracking expenses.

Tour Planning
Researching and booking flight tickets; coordinating schedules; creating detailed itineraries; and working with a professional travel agency when necessary. Extensive experience booking travel for cellos and double basses.