Artist Workshops

Billy Kilson
The Solid Beat Principle
Offered by Billy Kilson, this workshop gives drummers and educators insight into what it takes to maintain a life-long career as a professional drummer. Originally conceived for the 2013 Montreal Drum Fest, The Solid Beat Principle breaks down the decision making process and shows students how to craft ideas that maintain an artistic voice while providing value to other musicians in the group and the audience.

Developing the Musical Mindset
Using anecdotes from his years on the road and in the studio with superstars such as Sting, Dave Holland, Ahmad Jamal and Diana Reeves, Billy Kilson guides students through the creative process touching on big concept ideas such as letting go of ego, analyzing when a new idea is of value, and how the trial and error process works in a professional setting. All of these ideas come together to serve the ultimate goal: being ready for the gig.

Phases and Gates
Suitable for musicians and non-musicians alike, Billy Kilson discusses key points of maintaining a successful career over a long period of time by exploring the natural peaks and valleys inherent in careers in all fields. Billy uses personal examples of learning and growing from mistakes and missteps to show how he became on of the most in-demand drummers today.

Managing Stage Fright and Living a Brave Life

Presented by Takeover! violist Elizabeth YoungHee Lubnow, this multi-faceted workshop draws on Liz's skills as a black belt in Taekwondo and her anti-bullying and self-defense work with students in Germany. Using principals from these disciplines Liz uses the phenomenon of stage fright as a jumping-off point to conduct exercises designed to boost confidence and bravery in all realms of a student's life. Workshop offered in English or German.

Classic Hip Hop
Takeover! founder, arranger, and first violinist MIKI Kekenj has worked extensively with young people, using all aspects of his musical expertise as a way to present classical music in a new light by transforming it into a more familiar language. Classic Hip Hop is based on MIKI's highly successful "Speak" workshops presented in collaboration with the Baroque orchestra Concerto Cologne and the Cologne Philharmonie wherein he created rap lyrics and hip-hop remixes of Mozart's Requiem. Workshop offered in English or German.